Your partner for conducting
grievance investigations

We offer an ad-hoc, case by case basis, or fully outsourced solution. Saving you time and money whilst resolving Employee Grievances and issues quickly

Fast Investigations

On average, we take 5 days to complete the investigation on a straight-forward case, and 10 days for more complex cases.


Timescales sometimes vary but we save your organisation time and money by conducting the grievance investigation quickly, professionally and efficiently.

Informed Descisions

We don’t make the decision, The Employer does. Our investigation and report enable the manager and employer to make the most informed decision, given all the facts.

Why use Grievance Investigations?

Grievances quickly resolved thereby reducing:

  • Management time spent on investigations.
  • Employee absence through sickness and suspension.
  • Appeals due to alleged compromised investigations.
  • Confidence that investigations will be conducted professionally, within your own internal procedures.
  • Enabling the Employer to make the most informed decision on appropriate next steps.
  • Comprehensive management information which enables the employer to identify trends, issues and training needs.

About us

GrievanceInvestigations.Com is run and managed by the team behind Marshall-James Employee Relations in the UK.

We cover the entire UK with a diverse team of investigators who have the appropriate backgrounds and experience to enable them to deal with complaints and grievances of all types.

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